Language is in our nature

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Acquire a new language the same way you learned your mother tongue: practice!


Learn on the go through unique, meaningful conversations with experienced teachers: via instant messaging.

Boosted by AI

Develop your own learning path: thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

How it works



Click here and meet Bob the bot, who will welcome and assist you.


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Let Bob know which language you want to learn and what your goals are.


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Select a theme, choose a teacher, and you are ready to go. First class is on us!


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Enjoy your conversation with your teacher and take advantage of Bob's great features.

Our conversation packages

Brother Tongue packages include:

  • Themes defined by the student
  • Mobile and Desktop support
  • Price defined by the teacher

3 days

  • At least 30 minutes of teacher time
  • Available for up to 3 days

7 days

  • At least 60 minutes of teacher time
  • Available for up to 7 days

30 days

  • At least 240 minutes of teacher time
  • Available for up to 30 days

First class is free!

No credit card needed

A Motivated community of teachers

Education, made with love

We believe that Teaching is inspiring and important work. At Brother Tongue we facilitate this work, by giving teachers the means to increase their impact.

Our benefits for teachers:

  • Reach students from anywhere
  • Work from anywhere
  • One hour of teaching is exactly one hour of life time
  • No hassle collecting payment : we handle it!

If you would like to be part of this community, drop us a line.

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